Watch Services

At Hour Boutique Singapore, we provide a range of services for watches, including watch battery replacement, watch servicing, and watch repairs. Whether your watch needs a new battery, routine maintenance, or repairs, our experienced team is here to help. 

Watch Battery Replacement;
Bring in your watch to our boutique or contact us for further assistance. Our skilled technicians will carefully replace the battery to ensure your watch continues to function properly.

Watch Servicing;
Involves a thorough inspection, cleaning, and lubrication of the watch movement. Our experts will also check for any necessary repairs or adjustments to ensure your watch is in optimal condition. Regular servicing helps to maintain the accuracy and longevity of your timepiece.

Watch Repair Services;
Comprehensive inspection to address various issues with watches. Skilled technicians can diagnose and repair problems such as a non-working watch, broken components, or the need for a complete overhaul.



Pre-Loved Watches

We have a selection of pre-loved watches available for purchase. These watches have been carefully sourced and inspected to ensure their authenticity and quality. Chat with us to explore our collection of exclusive models and brands. 


Trade ins

We offer trade-in options for customers as well.
Contact us to discuss the details and options available for your specific trade-in.


Watch Sourcing

If you are looking for rare and unique timepieces, such as Credor, Glashutte, or Grand Seiko, Tudor etc, we can help you find the perfect watch to add to your collection.



If you have any other questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact us. We are here to provide you with exceptional service and expertise in all your watch-related needs.

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